Programme Overview

Advanced Ventilatory Symposium - Thursday 7th June 2018


08.30 Registration and coffee

08.50 Welcome, overview and introduction to the day - Sunil Sinha

09.00 Prinicples of mechanical ventilation in the newborn - Anton van Kaam

09.45 Sustained inflation (SI) and PEEP in neonatal stabilisation in the delivery

room - Gianluca Lista

10.30 Mid morning coffee and scientific exhibits

11.00 The surfactant story - new twists and turns - Steven Donn

11.45 High-frequency ventilation as an alternative to conventional

ventilation - Anton van Kaam


12.30 Lunch and scientific exhibits

13.30 Haemodynamic assessment in ventilated newborns - Jonathan Wyllie

14.15 Unusual clinical scenarios in neonatal ventilation - thinking outside

the box - Ian Sinha


15.00 Mid afternoon coffee and scientific exhibits

15.30 Three cases of respiratory failure in newborns: what would you

do? - Steven Donn

16.15 Panel discussions and open Q & A


16.30 Closing remarks


Neonatal conference - Friday 8th June 2018


08.00 Registration and coffee

08.25 Welcome and annoucements - Sunil Sinha

08.30 Can we improve the success and safety of endotracheal

intubation? - Gary Weiner

09.00 Respiratory function monitoring in the DR for management of

respiratory failure - Gianluca Lista

09.30 Human and system performance during neonatal resuscitation: how we

perform at our best - Jonathan Wyllie

10.00 Discussion

10.30 Mid morning coffee and scientific exhibits

11.00 Microbiome modulation: the answer to NEC and sepsis? - Janet Berrington

11.30 Optimizing enteral nutrition for a fragile gut - Jae Kim

12.00 Young investigator's lecture: prematurity, GOR and apnoea: myths

and reality - Thomas Rossor

12.30 Discussion

13.00 Lunch and scientific exhibitors

14.00 Understanding the mitochondrial disease: neonatal

perspectives - Robert McFarland

14.30 Current paradigms in neonatal invasive ventilation: which one is

the best? - Anne Greenough

15.00 Neonatal hypoglycaemia and outcomes: are you confused

yet? - David Adamkin

15.30 Discussion

16.00 Afternoon tea and scientific exhibits

16.30 Neuroprotection in the 21st century - David Edwards

17.15 End of day one

19.00 Conference dinner

Neonatal conference - Saturday 9th June 2018


08.30 Medico-legal implications of hypothermic neuroprotection - Steven Donn

09.00 Mothers' milk matters in the NICU - Jae Kim

09.30 Use of TPN to promote postnatal growth - David Adamkin

10.00 Discussion

10.30 Mid morning coffee and scientific exhibits

11.00 Scrubs, ER, Grey's anatomy and YouTube: what can we learn from

Hollywood? - Gary Weiner

11.30 Screening newborn babies for heart disease using pulse oximetry; a

long journey - are we there yet? - Andy Ewer

12.00 Assessment and management of perfusion in babies with hypoxic

encephalopathy - Samir Gupta

12.30 Discussion

13.00 Lunch and scientific exhibits

14.00 My favourite slide - Anne Greenough, David Adamkin, David Ewards,

Gary Weiner

14.10 HHFNC, CPAP or NIPPV? - Anne Greenough

14.30 Regimental limitations of enteral feeding advancement in preterm babies:

are we doing right? - David Adamkin

14.50 Value of routine neuroimaging in the preterm infant - David Edwards

15.10 It's time to stop:  how long should resuscitation efforts

continue - Gary Weiner

15.30 Discussion

16.30 Closing remarks